First Day of School

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In the fall kids everywhere return to school.  New Grade, new classmates, new shoes (hopefully) and new challenges and new expectations.  I feel like I am starting a new school, with the design and publishing of Freeburg Law Firms, first self published web site.

I researched what I wanted, and who provided it, and what I found was no one had what I wanted.  I needed to do the work to create the product that I wanted.

I wanted it to be easy, it was not.  I wanted it to have options and be able to change my mind, and that I have.  So as I, and Freeburg Law Firm ventures into this new era, I hope you will read the blog posts we make, and understand that this is from us.  We have no one ghost writing the blog posts, so if there is something you agree with great, I hope to hear from you.  If there is something that upsets you or you disagree with, good, I hope to hear from you.

Thank you for reading and I hope to engage you again soon.

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