Real Estate Lawyers Guide to a Residential Real Estate Transaction – Introduction

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I have noticed there is a lot of information published about the subject of buying or selling a house, but very little of it comes from the a lawyers prospective.   In fact most of the information is provided by someone selling services (lenders, realtors, zillow, ect), which is fine, provided you understand the source of the information.

With this in mind, I have decided to write a multi-part series on the subject of home buying from the real estate lawyer.  As all information contained in any blog, this is not intended to be legal advice, and if you have a specific legal question, you should consult an attorney.

In this series I will exam the home buying process from both the buyer and the seller’s points of view.  I will explore the different services that are part of the process and what to look for in various vendors as part of the process.

I will start the series from the buyers prospective and continue through the seller.  I hope that this will provide you with some valuable information.  I will also note that I am a real estate attorney for Ohio, so the law or the process may be different, depending on the State you live in.

I hope you enjoy the series and your welcome to provide me you feed back along the way.

David A. Freeburg, is an attorney licensed in the State of Ohio and is a Certified Specialist in Residential Real Property by the Ohio State Bar Association.  Licensed Title Agent and Member of Specialist Title Agency, LLC.  To reach David directly, email

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