Jury Duty and a Thank you.

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I have been called for Jury duty once in my life, and was excused after one day of service, so I have never served on a jury.

Yesterday I completed a jury trial which concluded after 6 days of trial.  It required a lot of my time and effort as the attorney for one of the parties.  It required a lot of time and effort by everyone that was involved, the attorneys, the judge, the parties to the case, but we all chose to be there.

The jury members took 6 days out of their life to get involved and ultimately decide a case, that their only choice in the matter was registering to vote in the county the case was filed in.

This particular jury, after 5 days of testimony, choose to go to the court house, to complete their service when the court itself was closed due to extremely cold weather.

I admire the dedication of all citizens that participate in our jury system.  While there is no question it is not perfect, it is a cornerstone of our legal system.  It only works because a group of people are willing to put their lives on hold, to decide a case that has nothing to do with them at all.  They get nothing in return, even the “jury compensation” paid to them fails to repay the costs they pay to be at the court all day.

I thought I would write this, not just as a thank you to  the jury that participated in my case, but to everyone that serves on a jury.

I enjoyed my time I spent presenting my clients’ case to a jury, and can tell you having a jury decide a case, in some instances is the only way to resolve the differences.

I thank each person who has endured the process of serving on a jury.  Your sacrifice of your time, money, and your effort is made for the good of everyone living in this country.  While most consider jury duty as something to get out of, the ones that serve provide to our country a very selfless act.  THANK YOU!

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