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Quicken Loans agrees to pay $32.5 million to FHA in a settlement

Quicken Loans is a main stay around Cleveland, with our beloved Cav’s owner Dan Gilbert owning the Cav’s and sitting at the helm of Quicken Loans.  There was a news story that Quicken Loans agreed to settle a law suit paying FHA $32.5 million for bad loans.  What was missing from the headlines was FHA […]

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On March 1, 2019 Christopher Moehrl on behalf on himself and all sellers of real estate in America, filed a class action lawsuit against the National Association of Realtors, Realogy Holdings Corp., Homeservices of America, Inc., RE/Max Holdings, Inc., and Keller Williams Realty, Inc. alleging that these entities violated the Sherman Anti-trust action by requiring […]

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Jury Duty and a Thank you.

I have been called for Jury duty once in my life, and was excused after one day of service, so I have never served on a jury. Yesterday I completed a jury trial which concluded after 6 days of trial.  It required a lot of my time and effort as the attorney for one of […]

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Real Estate Lawyers Guide to a Residential Real Estate Transaction – Part III – To Hire a Buyers Realtor?

In part II of this series I explored the issues and information that a buyer should gather before buying a house.  In part III, I will discuss the use of a realtor for a buyer. A good realtor should be a resource of information for the buyer.  Most of the information that a buyer needs […]

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Real Estate Lawyers Guide to a Residential Real Estate Transaction – Part II – Where to Buy

Where to buy your house?  There are some obvious consideration, such as distance from your job, family and friends.  But in order to start your home search, generally you will need to narrow down your choices of locations. Judge Richard Speers, who was a bankruptcy judge in Toledo for decades, told me when I was […]

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